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Beware of Sadness.

Sometimes I ask myself “How do people get so sad?”, and truthfully I still am unable to come up with a definite answer. But I have plenty of speculations and some bits of personal experiences about some causes.

Wistful and anxious thoughts: Thoughts can be really depressing especially when they are all about what bad things could happen or how ugly things can get. Moods are lighter when you live in the moments.

Unnecessary Rush: When you rush things too much and you end up doing what you don’t have the capabilities to do. You probably ventured into them because everyone else believes it’s the right time for you or because of social pressure. You know what you can and cannot do. Don’t let people push you to what you can’t handle cos at the end of the day, to all appearances, you are better for it, but within yourself you know your state of mind is worse off.

Work: Effects of work on the mind cannot be overemphasized. Especially when you are stuck in a job you don’t enjoy. It may be pretty hard to do but you need a change before that work beats out or kills the last ounce of happiness left in you. We are all struggling for survival so we can’t afford to be unemployed but you can apply to other places that are less depressing. In the end, it is not worth your happiness.

Comfort Zone (Complacency): “The core of man’s spirits comes from new experiences” – Into the Wild, 2007. Routine ruins fun, dynamism and gets you gloomy. Try out new things. Explore your passions when you get that little time your work permits. Don’t spend it sleeping (unless of course sleeping is your passion). Travel, hang out with loved ones and share interesting memories. Do what you have always wanted to do before work and other depressing responsibilities came.

I’m sure there are plenty more brewers of sadness, even the ones we are unaware of.

Sadness has a way of creeping in unnoticed and messes up your person. Do what make(s) you happy.



The Irony of Feminism.

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Can’t really speak for someplace else, but from my standpoint and from what I see around, it’s an irony that people are fighting vigorously for the equality of both genders.

As a matter of fact, men are being prejudiced along the way.

Just finished GUS (Gulder Ultimate Search) 11 and there was a special prize for Last Girl Standing then I wondered what happened to feminism. And that is just one out of many gender-biased incentives, in favor of women.

Women Empowerment Programmes, Women-in-Tech scholarships and grants, Women Affairs, Widows’ special grants; the list goes on.

It had been a man’s world hitherto, it takes time to adjust and change that view. Going forward, I think the only way to ensure equality is to place both genders on a level playing ground and not place women on a higher pedestal or tie men’s hands down so the women can match up.

And I’d like to end this by asking an honest question; Can chivalry still work while feminism thrives?

It Hurts

Really nice..


…looking at her hurts.

My eyes are fixed on my Princess all morning. The weather has been a little on the dull side, but her frisker, dotted with her stunning smile and lavishing laugh give the morning a luminance. No other sight would I want before me than this little face with the giant smile. But that smile brings back a memory. A memory so vivid, it cannot be ignored. A memory of a bigger replica of that smile. A memory accompanied with an overwhelming longing, bliss, affection, and principally… pain.

I bite my lips for the umpteenth time. A cocktail of bliss and pain brewing inside of me. How to feel? Sad? Happy? How do I forge ahead? How do I love the little beauty the way she deserves? How do I cherish this very face that relives the very reason of my pain?

I met Dunni in my…

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A Sense of Place


ohio_ref_2001I love maps.  Topographical, road, flight maps, ancient there-be-dragon maps and modern maps with ever-changing borders.  An elementary school assignment — I can’t remember what grade — involved writing a log for a trip around the world.  You could start and end wherever you wanted.  I remember visiting Barcelona, Athens, Istanbul, Cairo, Delhi, Tokyo, Perth, the Easter Islands, trekking high into the Andes, then to Rio, Mexico City, the Grand Canyon, way up to the Hudson Bay, and then landing back in my hometown in suburban Columbus, Ohio.  I avoided the USSR.  It was the late ’60s but it was before détente. I can still say that it was my all-time favorite school assignment ever.

For all my love of the earth “graphies” — topography, geography, cartography — I struggle with defining a sense of place where I live today.  Pigspittle, Ohio, isn’t on a map.  It is a nickname for a real place that…

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We all want it good, favorable and once we achieve this, we do not want it to change..believe me, it’s called “Complacency”..a good career, a wife, kids, friends, money and your life seems perfect..A change will always come.. Times always pass (for better or for worse)…if for worse, how you handle the change determines if it keeps plummeting or it turns around for good again…Always be prepared for a change. It’s the only way you are not completely devastated when you suddenly find your plane nose-diving. “…but in reality nothing is more dangerous to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future. The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.” (extracted from: “into the wild” by Jon Krakauer)

I always like to finish with a quote; this is from Andy Grove “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive.”

Watch how it slowly kills you

Whether to admit them or not, we regret our stupid actions; Most stupid actions are taken when angry or overjoyous,…most commonly when angry; A man given to anger is capable of destroying an empire he built for a decade in a moment with just one utterly wrong statement/action.
When angry, everything around seems to get you angrier…you want to be actually believe you would be better off alone..but life is worthless without people around you. One man once said “Friendship is unnecessary, like
philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.”..We need friends whether we think we need them or not..Life is a lot easier when we are at peace with people..they infuriate you, but still they alleviate your sorrows, fears…
Making a decision while angry is one of the worst moves anyone can make. I once had a theory that when you get angry often, people fear/respect you but quite the contrary, people don’t want to be around you if you always lose your cool; they find it hard to figure out what upsets you..the journey of life is rough enough travelling with loved ones, not to speak of being alone.. Anger kills you.. You end up alone.. Nothing is worse than everyone walking out of your life..

Shine again

“You only miss the sun when it starts to snow”…something like behind’s snowy for me and I sure miss the stupid it was (didn’t realise until someone pointed out to me) to act so was nothing I couldn’t overlook if I really cared about keeping the sun up..I wish the winter will run out fast (if it will ever run out) so the sun can shine on me once again…you not only need the sun to dry your wetness, even to light your path, make you feel alive…*chuckles*…that quote made manifest “At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.”….I want my sun up again